Beginners Tips on How to Start WordPress Development

Beginners Tips on How to Start WordPress Development

WordPress is most famous while developing a website. So, if you also want this platform, and is all set with WordPress development, then it’s the best decision. Currently, WordPress owns more than 50 percent of all websites and its popularity is only increasing. The reason behind its popularity is because it is easy to learn, and it is flexible. But for the new users, understanding WordPress can be tough. So, here are the tips to start with your WordPress development process.

While talking about starting WordPress development, certain steps need to be followed to start with the development. As the best WordPress development agency, the essential steps are as follows:

  • Choose between and

The primary step is to select between .com or .org. Let’s make it clear for you. If you want to monetize your website in the future, then it is better to go with, where hosting and domain are must buy. If you only want to start blogging as a hobby and don’t want to spend a lot of money, is the one that will suit you.

  • Getting a Hosting and Domain

The domain is the same as the address that will be used by the people to visit your website. This address will also be picked by the search engines linked to your website based upon keyword searches. The domain name should be attractive so that people remember it. Hosting is the place where the entire data of your website will be placed. The hosting plan can be selected as per what your budget is, but make sure to go through the speed as it should be decent.

  • Theme and WordPress Installation

After completing the things mentioned above, the credentials of the control panel or cPanel will be provided to you by your provider. The credentials can be used to access the cPanel. With the help of cPanel, WordPress can be installed. Look for WordPress and then install.

After setting up the username and password, everything is ready. Now, the credentials can be used to open the WordPress account. A theme needs to be installed for the website. A theme section is available on the left side. Click on it, browse the one that suits you the best, and choose it for your website.

  • Installation of Important Plugins

What’s best about WordPress is that the website can be managed and ranked higher with the help of the plugins. But to keep yourself away from an unwanted situation such as hacking or cyber attack, you will have to do the installation and activate the right plugin based upon your requirement. While selecting the right plugin, go with the Yoast SEO plugin, which is essential in making your website ranking ready. Based upon your requirements, social media plugins, backup plugins, gallery plugins, anti spam plugins, and more can be installed.

  • When on Development, Put the Website Under Maintenance

Website development takes time. So, at the time of development, set a hidden-font end so you could remain safe and doesn’t lose a customer. To keep it under maintenance, a plugin can also be used. With the help of that plugin, images, text, or both of them can be combined with a short description that states information about your website coming up. Plugins are also available with a timer. While doing this, you need to turn on the discourage search engine option as there’s not much content to display. When your website is ready, you will have to turn it off.

  • Keep your Blogs Safe

It has been recommended by the best website design and development company that your website is the one that can keep you on top and you need to keep it secured from all the threats. To keep it safe, an SSL-secure socket layer can be bought from your provider with additional charges. The data is secured by SSL while searched through browsers to servers with the development of encrypted links. When the site gets secured with SSL, the name of the domain will not appear as HTTP:// and instead http://. This is also essential in SEO as search engines rank sites that are secured.

  • Backup Needs to be Scheduled

A worst situation can take place anytime; you might lose all your data with the blogs. This situation can be depressing and demotivating. So, to keep this situation away, make sure to set the backup schedule daily. This is a simple task, and only a backup plugin is needed to do this. The data can even be backed up on Google drive and the entire data can be restored whenever you want. You won’t have to write the content again.

  • Know the Legal Process

If you want to be on top of all the leading search engines, make sure to understand the legal requirement while posting a blog, as stated by the WordPress development agency. You can keep yourself protected with this in case any legal suit comes up.

It is better to set cookies. Whenever a visitor takes a visit, a pop-up will come up stating the cookie policy. Not only this, but your website must also have a contact, disclaimer, and about us page. All of them are necessary to show that your website is valid in search engines.

  • Do the Image Optimization to Load the Website Faster

Optimization of an image plays an essential role in search engine optimization and site speed. If your website is taking time in loading, your website visitor rate might bounce. To keep this in check, tools can be used to save images for better web quality and then upload them to your website. With this, plugins can also be used so that the loading time of the website speed increases. Also, cache plugins and CDN can be added so that the speed of the website can boost p easily.

  • Maintain Regularly

Keep the plugins and themes of the website updated so that the website can run properly. Even a small problem in installed plugins can prevent the website from running, and you might face issues such as “site is not reachable.” So, make sure to keep everything up to date. With every update, you also get new features.

Benefits of WordPress

WordPress comprises more than ten thousand plugins and themes. Users can easily design any type of website which will not cost them more as compared to the one developed from scratch. Also with WordPress, restructuring, and customization is possible where developers can create anything they want. The whole new world of creation is right in front of you.

With the recent plugin upgrades, developers can design the controls easily to their reflection. It offers all the features of your choice and you can even add more. This is best for any company whether medium or large.

Various services and products can be offered with WordPress. Even if you don’t want a fancy plugin or website development, get yourself involved in supporting, maintenance, and WordPress hosting.

Learning how to start WordPress development with the help of a website design and development company sometimes look difficult but if you follow the steps, the best results can be achieved.