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How to Take Full Benefit of WordPress Automation?

Benefit of WordPress Automation

Automation can scare many people, especially when a business depends on making a personal connection with customers or clients. While working in WordPress, we understand that automation is a good thing.

While WordPress works the best, it usually comes in the form of a plugin; that’s why this can get a little tricky. WordPress plugins can add weight to a website, so make sure not to overdo it. But if you install the right plugins, you will not have to worry about its side effects on the website’s performance.

So, let’s take a look at different ways how WordPress can be automated, and each of these processes can be set.

Different Ways to Automate Workflow and WordPress Website

If you replace jobs with tasks, it’s a wonderful outlook to have for the state of working with WordPress. Imagine what it will be like to spend 50% less time on the tasks that detract from the usual work you should do. These tasks aren’t necessary for workflow and are not even real. The simple thing is, why waste your time on such a task if the software can do it more efficiently and quickly?

And this is what we will look at right now: all these processes of WordPress websites can and should be automated on the website with the help of a WordPress development agency.

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Statistics of Automating Workflows

Source: Camunda

  • Cleaning Database

In different ways, WordPress websites can be optimized and cleaned. While the maximum of these tasks need direct input and action that you have taken, another essential task can be automated: database cleanup.

With certain plugins, automatic backup, optimization, and cleaning of the website’s database can be scheduled. This is not the most simple or exciting task, so it is better to get a plugin to get rid of such responsibilities.

  • Updates

It is vital to keep the WordPress core and any plugins or themes on your website updated. If you cannot make certain updates or cannot do it in a modern style, your website might suffer serious consequences. So, if you decide to pick and select which of these tasks to automate in WordPress, this should be on the list.

After activation of this tool, you can choose how little or how much update process needs to be automated. It also includes a neat reporting feature, so you will be informed about all the updates that take place on the website.

  • Cleanup and Security Monitoring

While securing your WordPress website, you can never get a lot of security in place. As imagined, this might take a lot of your time; this is why automation is the primary key here. Automation also lets you go through behind the scenes to scope out whether someone’s infiltrated areas of your website that aren’t visible readily. It will be a huge help.

As far as automated WordPress security is concerned, you will not be able to do every task on the security checklist. However, certain parts can be automated through WordPress plugins and tools. WordPress website maintenance services help in plugins and processes.

  • Backups

A database is not only a thing that needs backup. If you want to ensure the content of your website gets preserved somewhere outside of WordPress, if you want to restore your website quickly to its last-saved version, it is necessary to have regular backups. This needs time to manage, and that’s why it needs to be automated with a plugin.

The first tool for backup that needs to be used is automated. With this, a backup can be scheduled before the updates being made to the website. Another tool for backup that can be used for regular and predictable backups is a WordPress plugin. You can choose from different quality backup plugins.

  • Performance Monitoring and Enhancements

By now, you know that the website’s speed should never go beyond a three-second loading time. If it takes a lot more time, it is time to clean up the website before you start to notice a huge increase in bounce rates.

Thankfully, there’s an option of automation in performance monitoring and cleanup, which can be done with the help of WordPress tools.

Primarily, a WP checkup needs to be performed to scan the performance of your WordPress website. You will get to know about the ways where you can speed up a website.

After this, caching plugin needs to be installed. This plugin does a lot more than cache the content of your website and keep HTTPS requests minimal. On the other hand, with the help of a performance plugin, both the optimization and monitoring tasks can be automated, which are required to keep your website running at top speed.

Some of the tasks that can be automated are Gzip compression, file minification, uptime notifications and monitoring, browser, page, and Gravatar caching.

  • Spam Blocking

Another kind of threat protection and security that can be automated is spam blocking. With certain plugins, you don’t need to worry about sifting through comments submitted to your content to identify bad apples. A plugin takes care of heavy lifting, so you can focus on valuable and valid comments which the followers have left. A WordPress development agency is best to perform such tasks, and you will not have to worry about doing it yourself.

  • Search Optimization

The problem is not that there are many optimizations to start; it’s more that progress needs to be reviewed carefully in search – and a lot depends on what type of message you send to the search engines. Three types of automation are available to look for:

The first one is scanning the SEO setup on the website. This can be done with a certain tool.

The second type of automation is the transmission and creation of updates of your XML sitemap to search. This can be done with an SEO plugin.

And the last one is to use an SEO tool where Google keyword rankings can be checked. Once the keywords and website are set in the tool, notifications that you receive can be automated as per your standings and at what frequency you get them.

  • Image Optimization

Generally, it is optimizing performance. Instead of focusing more on scripts and files that can get the speed of your website down, image optimization plugins automate the compression of your website’s media files.

If you are still not using a plugin, what are you waiting for? With the help of such a plugin, you’ll never have to worry about compressing or resizing images on your own again.

  • Payment Collection

Running an e-commerce website needs a lot of effort and work. You need to keep the product inventory or services updated continuously. Promotions regularly need to be done to get customers and visitors to come back for more. And you will have to do everything that non-commerce websites have to deal with. This can be not easy.

This is why it is good that you can automate collecting payments with the help of a payment tool. So don’t need to deal with credit cards or any other check. Get a reliable payment gateway and wash your hands off that responsibility.

As can be seen, many things can be automated with WordPress to keep your workload easy and improve workflow. Without the help of WordPress website maintenance services, much of this will not be possible.

A Perfect Guide to help you Choose the Right WordPress Development Company for your Project

Right WordPress Development Company

WordPress is considered an excellent CMS for any business, and whether you want to get a brand new website, or update the existing one, finding the right WordPress development agency in Mohali is key.

It’s been more than 18 years that WordPress has been around, and its use as a web development platform has proved to be a huge success. With more than 50% of websites all over the world, no doubt, it is the most famous content management system among different communities; this is why building a website on this platform has various benefits. It’s good to think that web development companies are using WordPress to support their methods since 2009.

However, what’s tough is picking up the right WordPress development agency that can perform the best for your business, complete your vision, and share digital strategy.

With different things to keep in consideration, it is essential to have a criteria list that can be used while selecting a perfect agency for your project. So, here are the key points that need to be considered before selecting a WordPress agency for your company.

  • Don’t only go with the Portfolio

Make sure to ask questions or if you have any queries about the portfolio from the agency. Ask about the projects that they have completed previously relevant to your business needs. After that, collect the proof if an agency can solve all your problems. Successful websites are developed and designed in a way where they function well, be accessible, offer a great user experience, is SEO friendly, and safe.

While talking about aesthetics, it is better to look at the procedure of web design that is offered by the agency.

For example, has the developer completed the entire task? There are possibilities that anyone from outside might have designed and constructed the website, and they have only changed it in WordPress. Alternatively, did the agency design the website? They might have designed the site, but any other person has developed it. Nothing is wrong with both of them; companies collaborate with others to get the task done. However, if you would know about it, it will be better to do the business.

Additionally, consider the following things:

  • Unable to find details of working with a particular client on a project
  • Missing or insufficient information about the company’s experience like awards, testimonials, statistics, etc.
  • Case studies or portfolio that cannot be accessed
  • A fake portfolio that makes you question their expertise.

Keep them in mind while selecting a company.

  • Make sure that the Company Support your Web Strategy

The best wordpress development company must have a clear website strategy that can give a strong presence to your business and make it trustworthy. A proper website must have a proper format, good structure, quality content and intuitive navigation so that the optimization can be done of its performance and the visitors get converted into valuable customers.

But, how to be sure that the agency achieves it successfully?

First, make the goals that you want to achieve and ask the agency to explain its methods in brief. After that, verify the techniques that they will use to achieve the objectives. The methods should comprise the timeline of the project completion, when, and whether it comes under your budget.

Know and be clear about what you want to achieve and communication always works. Are you looking for more leads? You might be considering linking a marketing automated tool, email marketing platform, or CRM system to your website? Or do you want to add the payment system, where you can collect donations, payments, or subscriptions?

It doesn’t matter what your goals are, always remember that the website is the face of your business. Additionally, a WordPress company with whom you will partner understands this.

  • Consider what the Size of an Agency is

You will have to consider how big your agency that you will hire is because then you would know how fast they will be able to complete the task and on time. If the challenge will be bigger and you need more of it on your website, it will need more and better resources both in regards to total team members and how much experience they have.

However, the type and size of a WordPress company that you are considering hiring might entirely depend upon what the agency offers but also on what you can afford.

If you have just started your business, you might look for the company in budget. In such a case, it is better evaluating on the elements on which you cannot compromise at all, and for which you can wait for some time to be perfect.

If your business is of a small or medium level and knows that your website can be a crucial extension of the company, you need to make sure everything goes smoothly. However, you need to consider the value of your website within the business model and what will be consequences if it’s not done perfectly.

Finally, if you are the owner of an agency, they you know and understand how important it is to find a reliable and quality wordpress development agency in Mohali to partner with. Hence, if the quality will be good, you will face fewer problems in the future and stronger your partnership will be with the company.

  • Availability

While hiring a company, don’t forget to ask that who will take care of the project. It is essential to know the team members who will change the idea into reality. Some of the people include the coordinator and a project manager, the head web designer and developer, the project marketer, and the quality assurance specialist. The assistance might be needed in certain roles.

Everyone knows about the agency which cannot be accessed easily. So, go with the telephone number, and not only the email address. Make sure to take an update regularly from the team members, so that you know how the development of a website is progressing. Set deadlines and meetings for the progress of a project.

Additionally, make sure that the members are available remotely in case any issue comes up with the website. Ask them the turnaround time for calls or messages. Make sure if you need any sudden changes, they are available to be contacted as soon as possible.

  • Cost vs. Value

This is the obvious issue to consider. Expense is no doubt a major issue while hiring a WordPress company. If you start cutting expenses only to save some money, you will regret this later.

So, how the cost of the project can be set easily? It is very easy. Look at the things where you have spent already and start comparing. What and where have you spent a few years ago while promoting your company through radio, advertisements, or other media? What about the previous years? Has the strategy worked in your favor?

Ask the best wordpress development company whether they can give you a fair turnaround time and estimate of the project. Always remember that it is all about the value, and not the cost. Before spending money in the agency, do thorough researches to know whether you have made the right decision by hiring a specific company or not.

A 2021 Guide for Simple Hacks to Speed Up WordPress Website

2021 Guide for Simple Hacks to Speed Up WordPress Website

WordPress is a reliable platform, however, its weakness is it can get slow sometimes. Without taking precautions, you might get a website that is of no use. This is not only frustrating for the visitors visiting your website again and again but there are also the chances that you might lose customers and subscribers.

Why does the speed of the WordPress website matter?

When any visitor lands up on your website, you only got few seconds to get their attention so that they could be convinced and hang for a longer time.

  • You might get sleepless nights

It has been found in the research that even a delay by 2 seconds of page responsiveness can reduce the satisfaction of a user by 4%, reduced clicks by 4.4%, and increased revenue lost per user by 4.5%.

If your website is taking a lot of time to load, many people will be gone by the time you even know. Not only this, Google has now included the site speed in its ranking algorithm. In other words, the speed of your website affects SEO, in case your website is slow; you are missing a lot of visitors because of impatience and reduced rankings in all the leading search engines.

How to fix it and speed up WordPress?

Are you ready to say goodbye to slow-loading WordPress websites? Read on to find out how it can be done.

  • Solid theme/framework works the best

It might be a surprise for you, but the theme that was in 2019 is quite speedy and lightweight. This is because the guts are simple; compare them with the bloated frameworks that have different features that will never be used, slowing your website to a crawl.

Some of the frameworks that can be used in WordPress website development will not slow down with custom edits or excess plugins. The theme needs to be changed and avoid site loading issues.

  • Select a good hosting provider

While starting, a sharing host looks like you are bargaining. It takes another cost: downtime frequently and slow site speed at the time when traffic is high.

If you are planning to publish something popular, it’s a disadvantage for you if your WordPress website runs on shared hosting. If your site goes down after investing in something big is enough to get those gray hairs and feel stressed. Make sure not to be a victim, and invest in the right hosting instead.

Various website hosting services offer the best customer service, which is essential in hosting. Head on to the homepage of professionals and you’ll be amazed to know that you did.

  • Use a CDN

All the big blogs use this tool, and if online marketing is your area using WordPress, you might not be surprised to know that the famous blogs are using CDN’s.

If you would like to know about CDN, it takes all your static files which are on the website (Javascript, images, and CSS, etc.) and visitors can download it in no time.

Go with the network delivering content that can easily be used and come at a reasonable price.

  • Use an effective caching plugin

No doubt, WordPress plugins work the best, but some of them are under-catching, as they improve the page loading time drastically, and the best thing is, they can be used for free on and easily.

Some of the plugins comprise all the features and can be installed and used easily. You just need to do the installation and activate it, and the page load faster as elements are considered cached.

  • Do the homepage optimization so that loading takes place quickly

This is not only the important thing but a few simple things that can be done to make sure that loading doesn’t take much time, which is no doubt essential for your website because visitors will land there often.

Things to include are:

  • Reduce the page posts
  • Show only a description and not the full post
  • Remove inactive widgets and plugins that are of no use
  • Remove the sharing widgets from the homepage that are not necessary
  • Keep the content minimal. Readers only want to read that, not the unnecessary widgets which are on the website.

Overall, a focused and clean design of the homepage will not only help the page to look well, but it will load quicker too. You can ask for recommendations from WordPress website maintenance services.

  • Do the optimization of images

Some of the image optimizers will reduce the file size of an image drastically, while not compromising the quality. However, if you do this yourself, it might take a lot of time.

There are various free plugin available that does this with all the images automatically when you upload them. There’s no reason why you wouldn’t install it.

  • Disable leeching and hot linking options of content

It is considered a bandwidth “theft.” It takes place when a direct link of other websites to the pictures on your website from their articles makes your server load increasingly higher.

This might add up as more people “scrape” your site or posts become more famous, as a must-do while creating customized images for your website regularly.

  • Do the optimization of WordPress database

Various plugins are available that helps to manage one simple task: optimize your database (post revisions, spam, tables, drafts, etc.) to reduce their overhead. Some other plugins also help in scheduling dates to optimize data.

  • Gravatar images need to be adjusted

You’ll go through it on the website that Gravatar image is set to nothing. The choice is not aesthetic but it can be done because page loading gets improved by having nothing where there normally would be a Gravatar logo or any other thing.

Various blogs go way beyond disabling them on the website, and for any other person. You can either do anything; you just need to know that it will benefit the speed of your website if the default image is set to a blank space instead of the default image.

  • Add the expires header to static resources

An expires header lets you specify a time in the future so that any browser doesn’t have to fetch the static content again like javascript, CSS file, images, etc. With reliable WordPress website development, you can cut down the loading time significantly for the users who regularly visit your website.

  • LazyLoad can be added to the images

It is the procedure where images can only be seen above the fold loading, then, when the visitor scrolls down, other images start to load, when others can view them.

The loading process will be increased which is a benefit but also bandwidth will also be saved where fewer data will load for visitors who don’t go down. Some of the plugins let you do this automatically.

Speed is essential to make the website successful. It influences conversions, bounce rate, search rankings, and more. Even some seconds make a lot of difference. You can take help from WordPress website maintenance services. Speed isn’t everything; the goal is to create a website of high quality in the best way possible.

Beginners Tips on How to Start WordPress Development

Beginners Tips on How to Start WordPress Development

WordPress is most famous while developing a website. So, if you also want this platform, and is all set with WordPress development, then it’s the best decision. Currently, WordPress owns more than 50 percent of all websites and its popularity is only increasing. The reason behind its popularity is because it is easy to learn, and it is flexible. But for the new users, understanding WordPress can be tough. So, here are the tips to start with your WordPress development process.

While talking about starting WordPress development, certain steps need to be followed to start with the development. As the best WordPress development agency, the essential steps are as follows:

  • Choose between and

The primary step is to select between .com or .org. Let’s make it clear for you. If you want to monetize your website in the future, then it is better to go with, where hosting and domain are must buy. If you only want to start blogging as a hobby and don’t want to spend a lot of money, is the one that will suit you.

  • Getting a Hosting and Domain

The domain is the same as the address that will be used by the people to visit your website. This address will also be picked by the search engines linked to your website based upon keyword searches. The domain name should be attractive so that people remember it. Hosting is the place where the entire data of your website will be placed. The hosting plan can be selected as per what your budget is, but make sure to go through the speed as it should be decent.

  • Theme and WordPress Installation

After completing the things mentioned above, the credentials of the control panel or cPanel will be provided to you by your provider. The credentials can be used to access the cPanel. With the help of cPanel, WordPress can be installed. Look for WordPress and then install.

After setting up the username and password, everything is ready. Now, the credentials can be used to open the WordPress account. A theme needs to be installed for the website. A theme section is available on the left side. Click on it, browse the one that suits you the best, and choose it for your website.

  • Installation of Important Plugins

What’s best about WordPress is that the website can be managed and ranked higher with the help of the plugins. But to keep yourself away from an unwanted situation such as hacking or cyber attack, you will have to do the installation and activate the right plugin based upon your requirement. While selecting the right plugin, go with the Yoast SEO plugin, which is essential in making your website ranking ready. Based upon your requirements, social media plugins, backup plugins, gallery plugins, anti spam plugins, and more can be installed.

  • When on Development, Put the Website Under Maintenance

Website development takes time. So, at the time of development, set a hidden-font end so you could remain safe and doesn’t lose a customer. To keep it under maintenance, a plugin can also be used. With the help of that plugin, images, text, or both of them can be combined with a short description that states information about your website coming up. Plugins are also available with a timer. While doing this, you need to turn on the discourage search engine option as there’s not much content to display. When your website is ready, you will have to turn it off.

  • Keep your Blogs Safe

It has been recommended by the best website design and development company that your website is the one that can keep you on top and you need to keep it secured from all the threats. To keep it safe, an SSL-secure socket layer can be bought from your provider with additional charges. The data is secured by SSL while searched through browsers to servers with the development of encrypted links. When the site gets secured with SSL, the name of the domain will not appear as HTTP:// and instead http://. This is also essential in SEO as search engines rank sites that are secured.

  • Backup Needs to be Scheduled

A worst situation can take place anytime; you might lose all your data with the blogs. This situation can be depressing and demotivating. So, to keep this situation away, make sure to set the backup schedule daily. This is a simple task, and only a backup plugin is needed to do this. The data can even be backed up on Google drive and the entire data can be restored whenever you want. You won’t have to write the content again.

  • Know the Legal Process

If you want to be on top of all the leading search engines, make sure to understand the legal requirement while posting a blog, as stated by the WordPress development agency. You can keep yourself protected with this in case any legal suit comes up.

It is better to set cookies. Whenever a visitor takes a visit, a pop-up will come up stating the cookie policy. Not only this, but your website must also have a contact, disclaimer, and about us page. All of them are necessary to show that your website is valid in search engines.

  • Do the Image Optimization to Load the Website Faster

Optimization of an image plays an essential role in search engine optimization and site speed. If your website is taking time in loading, your website visitor rate might bounce. To keep this in check, tools can be used to save images for better web quality and then upload them to your website. With this, plugins can also be used so that the loading time of the website speed increases. Also, cache plugins and CDN can be added so that the speed of the website can boost p easily.

  • Maintain Regularly

Keep the plugins and themes of the website updated so that the website can run properly. Even a small problem in installed plugins can prevent the website from running, and you might face issues such as “site is not reachable.” So, make sure to keep everything up to date. With every update, you also get new features.

Benefits of WordPress

WordPress comprises more than ten thousand plugins and themes. Users can easily design any type of website which will not cost them more as compared to the one developed from scratch. Also with WordPress, restructuring, and customization is possible where developers can create anything they want. The whole new world of creation is right in front of you.

With the recent plugin upgrades, developers can design the controls easily to their reflection. It offers all the features of your choice and you can even add more. This is best for any company whether medium or large.

Various services and products can be offered with WordPress. Even if you don’t want a fancy plugin or website development, get yourself involved in supporting, maintenance, and WordPress hosting.

Learning how to start WordPress development with the help of a website design and development company sometimes look difficult but if you follow the steps, the best results can be achieved.